A long and proud history

Lovania was founded in 1980 by Len, Keith and Celanie Ball. Named after the last ship Len served on and one of the few that survived Mediterranean operations during World War II, it was to prove a fitting name. Originally a salad producer for multiples, Lovania steadily grew and then diversified during 1998 into growing and supplying ornamentals; and it is then the real story of development takes place.

Timeline of Lovania

  1. • Lovania Salads LTD grew round lettuce for supermarket multiples
  1. • The company diversified into growing ornamental plants
    • Company now has 12 sites under glass
  1. • Company changed name to Lovania Nurseries LTD focusing on commercial plant crops
  1. • New state-of-the-art glass house erected
  2. • Expanded into Alpine production
    • Orders from 300 garden centres
  3. • Purchased our own distribution fleet
  4. • New offices completed
    • Customer base expands from 300 to 420
    • Achieved silver and Gold BOPP accreditation
  5. • More glasshouse area secured
    • Now over 500 alpine varieties
    • Awarded HTA Grower of the Year
  1. • New loading bay installed at main site
    • Acquired new 23 acre site at Nook Farm