Standing alongside a fantastic display of the new Dianthus range, supplied by Lovania Nurseries and in the Top New Plants at RHS Chelsea this year,  Titchmarsh sang the praises of specialist UK growers this week (June 2019).

During his speech at the opening of a new building at RHS Wisley, TV’s Alan Titchmarsh urged amateur gardeners to support specialist UK nurseries, saying they help make gardens “richer and more varied” and heralded these growers as “the “Cinderellas” of the horticulture world”.

The renowned gardener and TV presenter was enjoying the Dianthus display (Aztec Star and Cherry Burst pictured) as he spent time browsing at the Plant Centre.  Situated alongside the new Welcome Building, it has an area dedicated to specialist UK growers such as Lovania Nurseries and is the size of four Olympic-sized swimming pools!

The lifeblood of horticulture

According to the RHS, specialist growers such as Lovania are “the lifeblood” of a £24 billion industry and should not only be supported, but celebrated.   Alarmingly however, RHS research also shows a 42% drop in the number of specialist growers still in business since 2000.  These are often small, family-run businesses.

The new Dianthus range, pictured here, has been bred in the UK by Whetman Plants International and is available exclusively from Lovania Nurseries for garden retail.

Alan Titchmarsh Specialist UK growers Dianthus Cherry Burst

Alan Titchmarsh heralds the importance of specialist growers alongside Lovania’s new Dianthus range.  Picture credit: Jersey Evening Post