Converting plant trays to rPET

In partnership with Aldi for over 20 years and with a new extension for a further five years, Lovania Nurseries have committed to converting all its plant trays to rPET.  The Aldi packaging, made of recycled materials and easily recylable to continue its sustainable lifespan, means that Lovania have committed to invest in packaging design, sourcing and machinery to gain these efficiencies.  The ultimate goal is a reduction in non-recylable Aldi packaging by 200 tonnes.

The sustainable option for client and consumer

Aldi customers will now be able to dispose of the used packaging in household kerbside collections.  Lee Chambers, Head of Sales at Lovania, said: “We’ve come a long way since our business began, and continued investment from Aldi is encouraging us to grow and modernise more than ever before.”

“We understand the importance of operating in a sustainable way and moving all our cell pack trays is the first step for us to becoming more environmentally friendly.” – Lee Chambers

The announcement follows recent environmentally-friendly initiatives from Aldi, including plans to be carbon neutral by 2019 and to ensure all its packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.  Lovania Aldi NFU Plants and Flowers Pledge

Aldi buys British wherever possible, and was the first retailer to sign up, hand-in-hand with Lovania Nurseries, to the NFU Plants and Flowers Pledge which aims to create a fair and transparent ornamental horticulture supply chain.