“Discover more, scan me”

Small windows of opportunity they may be, but we think we’ve maxxed the opportunity to catch your customer’s eye with our brand new range of plant labels. Oozing with everything we love about our Love Gardening brand, our new plant label designs are like an extra mini sales person in each pot!

Each of over 700 varieties of alpines and shrubs now has a label with a unique QR code – you know, those weird black and white puzzle blocks. Well, a QR code unleashes a whole new world of info to your customer. Ever tried to write all the important planting and flowering info onto a postage stamp and still be able to read it? Trust us, it’s pointless? Your gardening fan can scan the QR code of their chosen plant. All the plant’s info will appear on any smartphone, tablet or mobile device. You don’t even need to bother typing in the plant’s name and waiting for Google. Just scan.

Not only are our new labels bursting with plant info, they’re bigger and bolder, as we move from a pot label to a much more prominent lock label. New label designs will appear with your first alpine order for the 2017 season.

Try it for yourself and make sure your customers start discovering more about your Love Gardening plants, too.